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Firework Champions is organised by MLE Pyrotechnics Limited based in Daventry. Within the MLE group we offer firework displays, large scale PA, drone swarming light shows, live event video and streaming, laser displays, ticketing solutions, robotic GPS line marking and import of fireworks for the professional firework industry.

MLE Pyrotechnics Limited
Units 14-16
Bentley Way
NN11 8QH

01327 876 037

Potential Event Venues:
If you manage a stately home or have a suggestion for a new venue, please email

Potential Firework Teams:
If you wish to take part in Firework Champions, please email

Birthdays, Group bookings, Hospitality & VIP enquiries:
If you wish to bring a party or workforce to our events and make it even more special with your own catering, seating, defined area, accomodation in the stately home or similar custom enquiries please, please email

VIP or Corporate sponsorship:
If you wish to promote your business at Firework Champions, please email