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We are honoured to be invited back for yet another year, our 4th in the competition and our second at the stunning grounds of Eastnor Castle.

Our journey through this competition has been a interesting one, 2017 at Newby Hall was our first ever competition display and although a fantastic event it was a learning experience, we then turned what we learnt in to a Win for the team in 2018, Last year unfortunately was not so successful but saw an evening of 3 fantastic displays and a very close result.

This year we are planning to come with an inspiring and punctual show with something for everyone and we hope you enjoy what we have to offer.

Cambridge fireworks was born out of the Village of Hemingford display, it started off as families coming together with a few fireworks for a display, then grew to the point someone had to take charge of the fireworks, that someone was Tony Hobbs.

He then enlisted the help of friends and family to put the display together, this then grew to a size a company was required to do it so Cambridge fireworks was formed.

Tony has since stepped back leaving Martin and Mark to take the company to where it is today, a lot of the team at Eastnor are the friends from the beginning who have a passion for fireworks.

Martin and Mark both run the business in their spare time, Martin being a farmer and Mark working in construction, as a result each display is a labour of love for them and the overheads are low meaning much more can be put in to each display giving greater value and better impact.

Our Services include Parties, Product Launches, Corporate work, Weddings and even Funerals, and we have as yet to be asked to do a Christening but who knows.

We brought our first computerised firing system in the form of MLE’s fire by wire in 2012, this allowed us to expand the complexity of our displays and to considerably improve our pyro-musical displays.

Since then we have continued to grow our system to allow us to do large displays like you see tonight or to fire multiple displays on one night, we have a team of staff with years of experience between them who love pressing the red button just as much as we do.

We hope you enjoy what we have on offer for you tonight.

Art Of Sparks

The Art of Sparks Ltd was formed in April 2019 and is comprised of husband and wife team Sean and Shannon Smythe.

Sean was a keen amateur pyrotechnician doing annual back garden displays for the community which were getting better year on year. After several years of amateur pyrotechnics, Sean joined one of the United Kingdoms leading display companies and fell in love with the work. Shannon also decided to give it a try and fell in love with pyro.

In late 2018 we had the opportunity to start our own display business which we grabbed with both hands and consequently formed The Art of Sparks.

To enable us to carry out the quality of displays we feel will represent our vision we have invested in the FireByWire firing system and have found this to be a game changer in the way we design and fire our displays. Within our first year we have carried out displays at Abingdon Summer Festival of Fireworks and have secured repeat work with corporate clients include Willmott Dixon Construction and Tiny Rebel Brewery.

Proud is an understatement for us to be taking part at Fireworks Champions having crewed at past events to now be Painting Our Pictures in the Sky at one of the leading fireworks events is a dream come true.

Show Designer Sean Smythe
Firing System FireByWire

Illusion Fireworks

Illusion Fireworks Ltd are Oxfordshires premiere firework display company. Setup by company owner and show designer Karl Mitchell-Shead in late 2014, Illusion has rapidly gained a reputation for producing unique and high quality firework displays across the UK, winning both titles of British Firework Champions and British Musical Firework Champions over a year ago!

Karl has been working in professional fireworks for over a decade, with an eye for quality product and meticulous attention to detail his imagination and ability to interpret music and fireworks has lead to quite a collection of awards and trophies in such a short space of time, including several victories at Firework Champions! Backed up by a team of some seventy professional and extremely passionate display operators, the 'Illusion Family' work tirelessly to deliver simply mind blowing firework displays that push the envelope of pyrotechnics.

Karl says: " The past few years have been an epic and fun journey for the business, I honestly believe our passion, ambition and will to push boundaries are the basis of our success. Take the most dedicated team of pyrotechnicians in the industry, add the highest quality, most unusual effects, colours and products available on the planet and combine them with eclectic music and you are left with emotional fireworks shows that have a 'Style, Rhythm and Scale like no other' - this years firework champions entry will be no exception and we cannot wait for you to see it!"

After an extremely busy two years, Illusion are spending 2020 consolidating the business expanding their state-of-the-art British made digital firing system FireByWire and building new relationships with event providers and venues across the country. However they could not bear to turn down an invite to compete at Eastnor castle, being no stranger to Firework Champions - winning twice at Newby Hall and Ragley Hall and now returning for their sixth year in the series they hope to wow the audience in a bid to take home the trophy!

Closing Display...

Daventry, Northamptonshire

MLE Pyrotechnics was founded in 1999 just before the millennium and has become one of the leading companies in the firework industry.

We specialise in providing unique high quality displays all over the world ranging from weddings to large scale outdoor events and import a wide range of premium quality fireworks for their own use and supply to other UK companies.

Clients include the UK’s largest free bonfire night event as well as other key names such as Sainsbury’s, Oxford University, Karcher, Morrisons, the RAF, MTV and Ford.

MLE have been firing displays internationally since 2005. In 2014 we were awarded 1st prize in the St Brevin firework competition. In 2018 we were invited to fire a 10 minute pyromusical display at the 2018 Liuyang firework contest.

Sister company, FireByWire Limited, manufactures digital computerised firing systems used for accurately setting sequences off at the press of a button. This technology is used worldwide by companies and is one of the most sophisticated systems available.

Our attitude is to constantly evolve and improve what we do. We work with the very best suppliers and factories around the world and combine this with a team of passionate crew members bringing a diverse skill set ranging from programmers through to engineers.

In 2013 we introduced the world famous Vaccalluzzo Italian fireworks to the UK, working with the factory we are exclusive importers/distributors for the UK marketplace. They also hold the same agreement with Pirotecnia Zaragozana from Spain.

We would like to thank you all for attending the event and we hope you enjoy the evening and fantastic displays.

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