Pyrotex Fireworx is a fine blend of experience, dynamic creativity and explosive enthusiasm - all fused together to make us first class when it comes to fireworks.
Drawing on over 35 years of experience and knowledge, we have grown to be an internationally award-winning company and crowned “Champion of Champions”
We have been lucky enough to represent the UK in numerous prestigious competitions around the world. These competitions not only test the artistic talents of our designer’s but also the pyrotechnical ability of each team along with the skills and expertise needed to put on an event of such magnitude.
These competitions have also established us as the UK’s leading display company, this paired with our impressive list of achievements is something that we are very proud of.
(Current List of Competitions shown below)

UK – Firework Champions 2019 – 1st Place Prize
Vietnam – Danang International Fireworks Festival 2019. Silver 2nd Place
The Philippines – 10th Philippine International Pyromusical Competition 2019. 1st Runner Up Prize & The Magic Circle Award (3 Times Consecutive Champions)
Courchevel, France – Festival International d’Art Pyrotechnique 2019. 1st Place & Prize Courchevel
Szczecin, Poland – International Firework Festival Pyromagic 2018. 1st Place Prize & Audience Award
The Philippines – 9th Philippine International Pyromusical Competition. Grand Champions 2018
Germany – Hannover International Fireworks Competition 2017. 3rd Place
Vietnam – Danang International Fireworks Festival 2017. 3rd Place
The Philippines – 8th Philippine International Pyromusical Competition Grand Champions 2017
Belgium - International Fireworks Festival Knokke-Heist. 1st Place Prize 2016
Italy - International Festival of Dancing Fireworks. Public and Jury Gold Prize 2016
The Philippines - 7th Philippine International Pyromusical Competition. Grand Champions 2016
Berlin – Pyronale. Silver Vessel 2015
Monaco - International Musical Fireworks Champions of Champions 2014 & Audience Award
Malta - International Firework Festival Champions 2014 & Audience Award
Monaco - International Musical Fireworks Champions 2012 & Audience Award
UK - British Musical Fireworks Champions 2011
UK - British Musical Fireworks Champions 2010

The show we have put together for FWC is a little different to our normal Pyromusical competitions as this one has been designed and executed by Scott Machin instead of Pyrotex’s main designer Mark Kelsall.

I (Scott) have seen plenty of firework competitions over the last ten years including my first competition show (and win) at last years FWC event at Belvoir Castle. I have again put plenty of time and thought into the design with some different twists on the normal designs and sequences I have seen and used in the past, with a few tweaks too. (as no designer is truely happy with their designs)

I have designed the show using FireOnes Scriptmaker which doesn’t use visual / simulation software like most other modern design platforms do, which is a challenge in itself. having two laptops running, one with scriptmaker and the other with multiple supplier spreadsheets and YouTube videos of the product I have managed to piece the show design together. it certainly makes you think a little more about the design especially at certain parts of the show where you are constantly running a 4-8 second piece of music over and over untill you are hapy with the product placement. (my wife certainly hates me for those parts :-) )

For me the music selection alone would be the very heart and soul of the display; it had to be familiar to all ages, emotive and powerful with highs and lows. To me, the music in the display has the role of providing suspense, elation and excitement and this is what I want to convey through the fireworks to the audience. The music choice for tonight’s display is quite a modern one with tracks chosen from the last ten years and it took me almost three months to select the music and piece it together!!

I wanted to provide the greatest performance and gain maximum impact from the fireworks I have chosen, the movement, colours, effects and noise are to play a large role within the display. To time them to the rise and fall of the tempo to allow appreciation of the music was my aim. I’m hoping to give the audience something to talk about for years to come with tonight’s display, there will be plenty of emotion portrayed throughout the show with quite a few technical single shot sequences and of course it goes without saying, a nice big powerful, noisy, gold finale !!

As this is my second competition show I am nervous, but overly excited at the thought of seeing my show/design at the same time the audience does.

Optimum Fireworks

Optimum Fireworks were established in 2009 with this being their 11th year in business! This family company are very proud to have already taken five Firework Champions titles, with wins at Broughton Hall in 2014, Capesthorne Hall in 2015, Newby Hall in 2016, Belvoir Castle in 2018 and at Stanford Hall last year. The preferred supplier to a growing number of local and prestigious venues, they provide private displays all year round alongside many public displays at festivals and over the November season.

Optimum provide their services with the help of a large group of very passionate firework enthusiasts. As a result they are proud to offer their local venues with the lowest budgeted starting package of any UK professional company. Having always put their love of pyrotechnics first, the whole team are involved from the very beginning of nearly all of the displays they provide.

Since their creation, Optimum have helped provide creative, tailor made firework displays for hundreds of happy couples, corporate and council events and celebrations alongside many charitable organisations. Their team’s memorable events include providing large scale pyrotechnic entertainment for the Beat-Herder Music Festival for the past five years, firing a display for Hull Kingston Rovers promotion party live on Sky Sports, performing with the Halle Orchestra at the prestigious Giggleswick School’s Quincentenary, closing an open air Katherine Jenkins performance, Jamiroqui’s birthday celebrations, Ripon’s Two One Engineering Regiment’s homecoming, the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, and displays during the filming of the US TV series My Big Redneck Vacation.

Optimum fire digital shows using FireByWire, modified in house they have tailored the system to suit their own styles of rigging. They also manufacture display equipment under their brand OptiRack, incorporating and developing on many of the benefits of other companies’ equipment, whilst upholding their own high safety standards and helping to remain cost effective.

Normally the team start planning their competition displays in January, however this year is very different. We got the call to compete at Eastnor Castle with only 11 days notice!!! Queue a lot of late nights and hurried designing and planning to put together tonight’s display! It’s been a rush, but we hope it stands up to tonight’s very tough competition!

Star Fireworks

Star Fireworks was established in 1971 and they have never looked back. They are a professional display team at the very top of their game with an overflowing book of orders and customers from Scotland to Cornwall.

Their clients include premiership football clubs, TV shows, blue chip companies such as BMW, Coca Cola and Deutsche Bank, as well as providing fireworks for The Rolling Stones, The Red Hot Chill Peppers, Christina Aguilera and even the Royal Philharmonic.

Their work sees them firing from roof tops, barges, cruise terminals, castle walls as well as the TV sets for shows like This Morning and Blue Peter.

Tonight's display has been specially designed for Ragley Hall. The team are usingthe 'FireOne' firing system, the same system used when they won the British Firework Championship in 2010 and the British Firework 'Champion of Champions' a few years later. Their show includes some very special fireworks to a wonderful soundtrack.

Closing Display...

Daventry, Northamptonshire

MLE Pyrotechnics was founded in 1999 just before the millennium and has become one of the leading companies in the firework industry.

We specialise in providing unique high quality displays all over the world ranging from weddings to large scale outdoor events and import a wide range of premium quality fireworks for their own use and supply to other UK companies.

Clients include the UK’s largest free bonfire night event as well as other key names such as Sainsbury’s, Oxford University, Karcher, Morrisons, the RAF, MTV and Ford.

MLE have been firing displays internationally since 2005. In 2014 we were awarded 1st prize in the St Brevin firework competition. In 2018 we were invited to fire a 10 minute pyromusical display at the 2018 Liuyang firework contest.

Sister company, FireByWire Limited, manufactures digital computerised firing systems used for accurately setting sequences off at the press of a button. This technology is used worldwide by companies and is one of the most sophisticated systems available.

Our attitude is to constantly evolve and improve what we do. We work with the very best suppliers and factories around the world and combine this with a team of passionate crew members bringing a diverse skill set ranging from programmers through to engineers.

In 2013 we introduced the world famous Vaccalluzzo Italian fireworks to the UK, working with the factory we are exclusive importers/distributors for the UK marketplace. They also hold the same agreement with Pirotecnia Zaragozana from Spain.

We would like to thank you all for attending the event and we hope you enjoy the evening and fantastic displays.

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