Blaze Fireworks

Blaze Fireworks started in 2014 and is now run by Dan Pritchard. Our services range from retail fireworks and small wedding displays to large scale pyromusicals for 10,000+ attendees. Our client base ranges from stately homes to councils and private individuals.

We are really excited to be back at Fireworks Champions for this fourth time but our first time firing at Weston Park. It is always an excellent day out and it’s great to see so many wonderful displays going up in the air.

We believe our crew are integral to our success as a company and we’re really proud of everything we do and they’ve accomplished over the years. We believe in investing in our team and giving people the opportunity to shine. We also reinvest heavily to make sure we have more than enough equipment to fulfil any client requirements.

As with Previous years, our display is big, bold and precise. We will be utilising some great new effects in our display as well as some of the most colourful products around.

Gala Fireworks

Like many fireworks display companies, Gala was born out of a burning passion for fireworks and pyrotechnics. We take great pride in every display we deliver, no matter how big or small. We provide breath taking displays for all occasions and will always work with our customers to achieve exactly what they are looking for, and make whatever their event may be, an incredible and unforgettable occasion.

Andy and Aaron are the directors of Gala and have the privilege of leading the Gala Crew, or as we like to say… the Gala Family. We are very lucky to have a fantastic, professional, and committed crew who love filling the sky with magic just as much as we do. They will be working hard all day to prepare for this showcase, as we use our FireByWire firing system, dynamic mix of songs and large range of fireworks to try and win over your votes.

If you see any of us wearing Gala livery and wandering around, please feel free to come and talk to us about fireworks...or indeed anything you might want to chat about.

We would like to thank Firework Champions for the opportunity to fire at Weston Park and put on another spectacular competition display. We have been lucky enough to compete at a fair few Firework Champions events and are also proud to say that we have won at three of the venues, some multiple times. We have had the pleasure of providing displays for the Archbishop of Canterbury, Leona Lewis, Lewis Hamilton, and many other celebrities, also granting us with a very proud feeling.

We are looking forward to a very busy 2022 and cannot wait to deliver spectacular displays to our customers all around the UK. After our victory at The British Firework Championships (Plymouth) in 2016, we have decided to enter the British Musical Fireworks Championships (Southport) in September 2022, where we will attempt to repeat our performance and accomplish another national title!

We hope you enjoy our music choices and even more so, enjoy our display. We'd like to wish the other two teams the best of luck too, as we very much enjoy the camaraderie on a multi team firing sites at these events. Most of all, we hope that everyone has a great night, and enjoys attending Firework Champions events year after year.

Best wishes,

The Gala Family.

Blitz Fireworks

Blitz fireworks LTD was formed in 2007 and it was originally intended as a

Blitz has grown in to the import of retail fireworks, the supply of event
equipment services, wedding firework displays, Mobile stage and outdoor PA
and more recently over the last 9 years we design, supply, install and store
Christmas Lighting schemes for many towns and cities across the United

Blitz have won nine times in competition since 2011, we have won 8 times in
total and once at The British Championships in Plymouth.

We have a small dedicated crew of enthusiasts who keep propelling us to new
heights, we number about 22 in total.

Blitz have used the world renowned Fire By Wire firing system since our
inception in 2007. This system is manufactured, developed maintained and
serviced & supported here in the UK.

We have taken part in firework champions every year since 2011

The fireworks champions provides us with a platform to test and fine tune
new materials and display styles for each coming season and it is a great
way of team building.

We get a real buzz of excitement entertaining audiences at these
competitions as we thank you all for your unwavering support of our industry
and we wish you all a fantastic evening and a safe journey home. See you
next year!

We have won 8 times at Firework champions

We do over 200 shows across the UK for our clients and they all stand out
for varying reasons but our own stand out show is the Nantwich Spooktacular
held in Nantwich on the last Saturday of October every year, this is where
we get to play and show off with no restrictions.

Blitz offer many different services across a wide sector in the events
industry including, lighting towers, crowd control barriers, Heras Fencing,
large outdoor PA systems, Mobile stages, Christmas lighting schemes and of
course high quality firework displays across the whole of the UK.

Closing Display...


Phenomenal Fireworks are a highly skilled professional firework display company based in, Lancashire but covering the whole of the mainland UK. We have teams of highly trained professionals out every week, all year round providing high quality displays for weddings, birthdays, celebrations and corporate events all year round.

Company started in 2005 through a passion for fire and fireworks. The company quickly grew a reputation for quality and high standards over the first few years and are now providing over 500 displays per year but remains still a close family business were only friends and family work within.
Phenomenal Fireworks provide some of the largest and most prestigious pyro musical displays in the UK with high profile clients such as Intu Trafford centre, RAF, BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and British Telecom to name a few.

Phenomenal Fireworks are delighted to be providing the closing show here at Weston Park tonight and we are looking forward to showing off our talent and creativity.


DroneSwarm is part of MLE Pyrotechnics providing full colour LED drone light displays.

We produce everything ourselves from the drone hardware through to the 3D show designs. Because we also provide fireworks, lighting and lasers in house we are in the very unique position of being able to offer unrivalled choreography combined with other visual artforms.

We are the first company in the UK to be awarded permission from the CAA for the production of ongoing drone displays with and without fireworks.

Subject to the weather on the day you'll witness one of the first ever drone light shows to take place in front of an audience. Get your cameras out and prepare to be amazed as a swarm of drones take to the sky and perform a routine with vivid colours and movement across the sky.

Element is subject to any local ATC approval and weather on the day. Provided as a free element of the ticket.

Kvant Lasers

Kvant Lasers UK is perfectly positioned to provide a comprehensive range of laser display services. From a single projector displaying a logo through to multiple high powered beams laser mapping the houses of parliament.

Although originally a laser manufacturer, we think about our business differently. We don’t consider ourselves to be in the laser equipment business but rather the entertainment business. This means we go above and beyond just laser shows to create everything from custom laser displays and laser mapping through to 3D video and holographic projections, right up to fireworks and water shows. You name it, we can do it.

During the past 25 years we have been presented with many opportunities, embracing these exciting challenges and experiences. Being part of teams in entertainment shows of all shapes and sizes for a range of brands has exposed us to many different approaches. This has helped create who we are today.

We are proud to be involved with Firework Champions and look forward to lighting the skys between the shows.

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Our Other Events

Each event runs as a competition format with 3 teams firing against each other. The audience have the chance to text vote for the winning display and the result is announced after the final display by organisers MLE Pyrotechnics.

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