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  • Can I bring my dog to the event?


    We ask that you don’t bring dogs to site however you are welcome to bring an assistance dog as long as they are ok with fireworks.

  • How are you marking the field?


    We invested in a robotic GPS line marking robot which enables us to paint the field with white lines with 2cm accuracy. This has become so valuable for events we are being contracted to paint other outdoor events. www.eventmarking.co.uk

  • Can I bring a gazebo if I’m in the drive-in?


    No – the view will be obstructed by those behind you.

  • Will I be shown where to park in the drive-in field?


    Yes, the stewards will direct you where to park. If you are parking and walking to the arena, follow the normal parking. If you have a drive-in permit and parking to sit next to your car in an allocated large space, then follow “Drive-In”. One drive-in permit is needed per car + valid entry tickets.


  • I have a disability – is it suitable?


    Accessibility / Disablity statement:

    We value inclusion and access for all participants and are pleased to provide reasonable accommodations for this event. Please contact mail@mlepyrotechnics.co.uk to make a reasonable accommodation request. Requests must be submitted 3 weeks prior to the event date although we’ll always do our best to accommodate. Please note the event takes place in an open field but we have people with disabilities and people requiring a carer attend the event each year without any issue. We have a disabled car park area as close as possible to the event and disabled toilets. You also could take advantage of the drive-in parking. If you wish to book tickets please inform us by email prior to booking tickets.

  • Do carers get a discount?


    All adults or children (over 5) will require an entry ticket.  If you email mail@mlepyrotechnics.co.uk with a copy of any documentation we can offer a half price carer ticket.  This can only be booked over the phone.

  • I have a child under 5, do I need to buy them a ticket?


    No, you don’t. All children who are 4 and under get into the event for free.

  • I accidentally booked tickets to the wrong event – Can I swap them for another one?


    Yes, you can, please contact the organisers MLE Pyrotechnics who will do this for you.

  • I have lost my tickets, what should I do?


    Please check your spam folder or junk folder for the email with your digital tickets. If you still haven’t received your ticket, please contact the organisers MLE Pyrotechnics.

  • My tickets haven’t arrived, what should I do?


    Please contact the organisers MLE Pyrotechnics. Check your spam email first – they arrive by email.