SkyDazzle Pyrotechnics

Skydazzle is a family business based in South Wales and we all share a real passion for Fireworks Displays.

Being a smaller company enables us to give a more personal service and we design every show so it is unique to you, yet we are still large enough to take on any event due to our constant investment in equipment and sourcing the very best materials for our shows. Every client gets the same personal attention whether it is for a small intimate Wedding display or a large Corporate Halloween or Bonfire Night display. We have an extensive portfolio of clients and all rebook us year after year for their events, our business and our client list is constantly expanding year on year due to recommendations and our reputation for quality displays and good old fashioned customer service.

We specialise in providing Pyromusical Displays for all budgets and really enjoy the challenge of choreographing Fireworks to Music. We have spent many hours designing this display using our extensive Fire By Wire system manufactured here in the UK by MLE and we have chosen some of the best Fireworks currently available from Spain, Italy, and of course China.

This is the second time we have been to Stanford Hall, we were thrilled when we got an invite from MLE to compete here in this stunning venue in 2020. We started designing this show in November 2019 as soon as the invitation was made to us, so it has been work in progress for many months.

Designing Pyromusicals is our first love and we are confident that will evident as you watch and enjoy our display. We always look for different songs that may not have been done before to entertain all ages in the audience and bring a few surprises!

We hope everyone enjoys our Firework Display as much as we have enjoyed designing it for this Firework Champions event at Stanford Hall.

Blitz Fireworks

At Blitz Fireworks we choreograph and design firework shows that your guests will remember and will be talking about for some time afterwards. Passion is a throw away word sometimes in the industry but after 13 years supplying displays we still manage to carry the same passion and desire to wow our clients.

We offer an extensive array of fireworks and effects which, when combined with our display team, produces a spectacular display using colour, excitement, sound and spectacle making your event one to remember. We source the finest fireworks available and search the world market for the highest quality material available.

Dynamite Fireworks

Dynamite Fireworks LTD located in the East Midlands is a relatively small Firework Company but with a HUGE heart for all things Fireworks. Our team is built
from all things family, friends and pyro lovers alike who have helped push the company grow in size over the last few years.

We are new to the competition stage, but have witnessed a number of these events from the other side and are absolutely over the moon to have the opportunity to now partake in Firework Champions 2020 at Ragley Hall. After listening to many hours of music tracks, we hope that you sing along to our musical medley, have a little wiggle and enjoy our showpiece of fireworks we have for you.

Thank you to the event organisers here at Firework Champions for the opportunity to compete and also good luck to all the other participating teams

Closing Display...

Spitfire Pyrotechnics

Spitfire provide championship winning fireworks for weddings and events, bringing celebrations to an earth shattering unforgettable climax. Mac McNally who owns Spitfire Pyrotechnics has acted as the expert adjudicator for Firework Champions since 2014. In previous years Spitfire Pyrotechnics took part and won several Firework Champions events.

Winning or ranking in the following the events:
Firework Champions (Stanford Hall) 2015
Firework Champions (Stanford Hall) 2014
Firework Champions (Stanford Hall) 2012
Firework Champions (Stanford Hall) 2011
Firework Champions (Stanford Hall) 2010
British Music and Fireworks, Champion of Champions (Southport) 2008
2nd Place!
Fireworks Champions (Stanford Hall) 2007
Fireworks Champions (Stanford Hall) 2006
Pyro-Musical Challenge 2005
Fireworks Champions (Stanford Hall) 2005
Fireworks Champions (Stanford Hall) 2004
British Music to Fireworks Championships 2004 (Southport)
Winners! British Music to Fireworks Championships 2003 (Southport)
Winners! British Music to Fireworks Championships 2002 (Southport)


DroneSwarm is part of MLE Pyrotechnics providing full colour LED drone light displays.

We produce everything ourselves from the drone hardware through to the 3D show designs. Because we also provide fireworks, lighting and lasers in house we are in the very unique position of being able to offer unrivalled choreography combined with other visual artforms.

We are the first company in the UK to be awarded permission from the CAA for the production of ongoing drone displays with and without fireworks.

Subject to the weather on the day you'll witness one of the first ever drone light shows to take place in front of an audience. Get your cameras out and prepare to be amazed as a swarm of drones take to the sky and perform a routine with vivid colours and movement across the sky.

Element is subject to any local ATC approval and weather on the day. Provided as a free element of the ticket.


AeroSPARX - a Night Air-Display Revolution
The Aerosparx team have revolutionised the air-show world combining formation aerobatics with nighttime pyrotechnics!

Aerosparx are the original market leaders in airborne pyrotechnics, and keep ahead by constantly pioneering new and exciting innovations in our display! We paint with light - to leave a remarkable picture in the night sky.

Element is subject to CAA permissions and weather on the day. Provided as a free element of the ticket.

Pilots Guy and Rob:

Guy started AeroSPARX to bring together four special elements in display flying, Formation, Aerobatics, flying with pyro and flying at night. Guy is an aerobatic pilot, a glider pilot and an occasional tug pilot. He is Eight times National Glider Aerobatic Champion at unlimited level and has been on the British team for three World Aerobatic Championships. Guy has been flying aerobatics since 1993 and displaying gliders since 1998, he has two world records tandem paragliding with his twin brother Richard, is an advanced aerobatic instructor and examiner and CAA Display Evaluator. Guy also flies the Boeing 787 Dreamliners for British Airways from Heathrow.

Rob is team flight leader and started fly in 1983 at the age of 17 (before he’d even learnt to drive!) and soon advanced up the ranks, becoming an instructor in the late 90’s and progressing from Instructor to CFI at one of the biggest gliding clubs in UK – The Gliding Centre at Husbands Bosworth – in 2013. Rob also now works on a number of major projects with national organisations related to inspiring youngsters and others into taking up careers and hobbies in aviation, whilst also developing projects to capture a more mainstream audience. In Rob’s spare time he also fly’s a number of aircraft from different gliders, tug aircraft, classic chipmunks, motor gliders and his own Robin DR400 around UK and Europe.

Kvant Lasers

Kvant Lasers UK is perfectly positioned to provide a comprehensive range of laser display services. From a single projector displaying a logo through to multiple high powered beams laser mapping the houses of parliament.

Although originally a laser manufacturer, we think about our business differently. We don’t consider ourselves to be in the laser equipment business but rather the entertainment business. This means we go above and beyond just laser shows to create everything from custom laser displays and laser mapping through to 3D video and holographic projections, right up to fireworks and water shows. You name it, we can do it.

During the past 25 years we have been presented with many opportunities, embracing these exciting challenges and experiences. Being part of teams in entertainment shows of all shapes and sizes for a range of brands has exposed us to many different approaches. This has helped create who we are today.

We are proud to be involved with Firework Champions and look forward to lighting the skys between the shows.

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Each event runs as a competition format with 3 teams firing against each other. The audience have the chance to text vote for the winning display and the result is announced after the final display by organisers MLE Pyrotechnics.

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